Assistant : Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Google Now?


In January, Stone Temple Consulting published a survey where consumers showed their preference on the personal assistants. Now the firm published a follow-up study that measured accurate responses of the main four personal assistants.

This study compared the results of 5,000 different questions about every day. They used personal assistant: Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana assistant.

The different responses of each personal assistant, including if the wizard answered verbally if a response was received in a database. If the answer was obtained from a third-party data source. Also, the frequency that each personal assistants did not understand the consultation and the mistakes they made.

Google is the leader in general knowledge for assistant

As you might anticipate, the personal assistant of Google responded to more questions and answered them properly most frequently compared to its rivals.

The questions that could respond, Amazon Alexa was the more accurate second. Siri won the highest percentage of answers, wrong four competitors. Here you can see the table with the main findings of the study:


Personal Assistant % Questions Answered 100% Complete & Correct
The Google Assistant on Google Home 68.1% 90.6%
Cortana 56.5% 81.9%
Siri 21.7% 62.2%
Alexa on the Amazon Echo 20.7% 87.0%
Google search (for comparison purposes) % Questions Answered 100% Complete & Correct
Google Search 74.3% 97.4%

“The Stone Temple”

Google remains the clear leadership regarding general intelligence in the search and as a personal assistant. Cortana is pushing hard to close the gap and has made progress in the last three years.

Alexa and Siri have had the limitation of not being able to fully leverage the tracking on the web to supplement its knowledge base, although it would be interesting how they could change their positions in this study if they tackled this challenge.

Featured fragments where study to. Cortana has more prominent pieces integrated than any of the other three competitors. Siri and Alexa were far behind in this category, even if they want to use third parties to provide answers.

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