Blackberry delivers the most secure Android Phone on the planet

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Blackberry DTEK50

Blackberry unveils its second Android Smartphone, DTEK50 after its Priv which was launched back in October 2015. Blackberry claims that their 2016 flagship piece can assure security unlike any other android phones in the market. Pre-ordering  for the device is open @

The Most Secured Android Phone ever

blackberry android dtek50
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Blackberry provides you the ultimate degree security through their multilevel armoring of their device against the malware, hacks, adware and other potentially harmful agents that were prevalent among the endemic Android systems.

Blackberry achieves the shielding by DTEK  Security Application which monitors your system keenly and notifies you whenever your system’s safety curve goes down. Meanwhile, you too can peep into your system’s security scenario indicated in 3 parameters namely Excellent, fair or poor.

blackberry android dtek50
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The Protection software also alerts you, in case when someone tries to hack your camera component or the microphone.

Another advanced level protection is, the device is smudge resistant that prevents your fingerprint getting hacked by some super nerds.

Moreover, it has exclusive boot security that it allows only a signature Blackberry OS and in case if someone steals your device, the Disk encryption saves your personal stuff and the banking details.

The Slimmest Blackberry ever

blackberry android dtek50
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The Blackberry DTEK50 is trimmed to a zero size stature of  7.4 mm, which is the thinnest out of all the Blackberry devices. One of the reason is, the DTEK50 comes without the trademark Blackberry keyboard tray. The body is comfortably befitting in your palm and pockets, with a convenient scaling of 147 mm length and 72.5 mm width. At 135 gram as light as the feather, the DTEK50 is one of the lightest smartphone you will ever hold.

Magnificent Display

blackberry android dtek50
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The 5.2 inch Full HD display is so Gorgeous with the ability to accommodate 16 million colors(24 bit color – depth)and thereby making your screen life, serenely romantic. The Scratch Proof-Smudge resistant screen is so shiny  with an aspect ratio of 16:9 at a 1080p resolution with a pixel density of 424 ppi.

Fastest and Finest Blackberry camera ever

Blackberry android Dtek50
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The DTEK50 comes with a 8 Megapixel front flashing camera, making your super bright selfies at low light.

In case of Groupie (Group selfie), the 84′ field of view covers as many of your friends in the screen. The Camera configurations are brilliant with the f2.2 aperture and 1.125 um pixel size capable of covering every single details of your handsome visage. Moreover,the front shoot is capable of capturing videos at 1080p@30fps.

A gorgeous shot taken through the Blackberry DTEK50, showing the picture quality of DTEK50’s camera in low-light.

blackberry android dtek50
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The Primary camera is extremely powerful with 13MP that holds DSLR like 5X zoom and 6-Element PDAF auto-focus. The Camera detailing at f2.0 aperture and 1.125um pixel size provides you sharp and grain free photos even at night. Similar to the front camera, the rear one captures videos at 1080p@30fps. Live filters, face detection, touch focus are other facilities giving you a best ever Blackberry photographic experience.

Affordable than Blackberry Priv

blackberry android dtek50
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It is much cheaper than its predecessor, Blackberry priv at $299 (Rs.20,000) where as the latter stands at around Rs.44,000 price tag.

Vast Storage Support

blackberry android dtek50
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Homing a 3GB RAM and a 16 GB ROM, the DTEK50 can support upto a mind-blowing storage capacity of upto 2 Terabytes. Most of the Smartphones are providing a maximum SD support of upto 256 GB, and with  Nexus and iPhone series being devoid of removable storage, the extremely vast DTEK5o’s storage support is really shattering feature among the flagship mobiles.

What about BB10?

blackberry android dtek50
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The shifting doesn’t mean that the Blackberry will be dropping their indigenous OS. The Vice President, Alex Thurbur says,”We’re continuing to develop BlackBerry 10, in fact, there will be a new release 10.3.3 in the next few weeks, and our researchers and developers are working on the next release after that,”

“So we are absolutely committed to BB10. What Android is allowing us to do is expand our market and bring the opportunity for more choice to our end users.”,he added.


BlackBerry DTEK50 Specifications

    Screen size                    5.20-inch
    Resolution                    1080×1920 pixels

    NO OF SIM                   Single
    Sim Type                        Nano

    GSM/CDMA                  GSM
    3G                                      Yes
    4G/ LTE                           Yes

    Processor                      Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 Processor(1.2 Ghz Octa core)
    RAM                                 3GB
    Internal storage         16GB
    Expandable storage  Yes

    NFC                                   No
    Bluetooth                      Yes
    USB-OTG                        No

    Rear camera                13-megapixel (With LED Flash)
    Front camera               8-megapixel (With  LED Flash)

    Operating System      Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Battery capacity         2610mAh
    Removable battery    No

Price : 299$ in US (20043.60 approx in India)

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