Google I/O 2017 event. What we should expect from the event?


Google celebrates its developers conference this week, the “Google I/O”. These would be some of its innovations, according to reports:

Between 17 and 19 may, Google will hold its annual Conference for developers I/O 2017. At the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View (California, USA). Above all, the aim of the event of the internet giant is to announce their future projects and their recent efforts. In addition to the suspicion with which the announcements are kept in secret, various reports of media specializing in technology, as “Cnet”, “TechCrunch”, or “The Verge”, agree that this year the center of attention will be the Android operating system, which already has an 8th available preview version for developers: The Android O.

The Android O will come with greater efficiency in the use of batteries. Picture-in-picture and the option to suspend notifications. Is expected in the Conference the announcement of the launch name to the market and the main characteristic that the system will have.

Google I/O 2017

Google Home.

Last year, Google introduced this smart speaker, enabled for receiving orders using voice commands. Giving the opportunity to connect all smart home accessories. Also,  it is possibly the presentation, this year of his successor, or only updates.

Google Assistant.

The assistant voice that works with artificial intelligence is available on platforms such as Android Wear, Android Auto, and the Pixel Phone. Furthermore,  in the event, it will be the presentation of new features and functions.

Google Daydream.

It will be the announcement and presentation of the search team at I/O Conference, to support its platform based on virtual reality technology: Tango. Also, the team will present new accessories and advanced controllers this year.

Android Wear 2.0.

In 2016, Google announced the upgrade of the operating system for smartwatches and other wearables. It is not probably a talk about the version 3.0. However, the presentation of features for the latest update should be the main topic.


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