Time for a dish out between Gmailify and the new Outlook

Both the tech giants have released updates just in time. Google comes with a feature called #Gmailify while Microsoft updated their back-end and introduced a #NewOutlook experience.

Google’s Gmailify:

Google’s mail app on mobile phones has seen a few improvements last year including features where user can add multiple mail accounts including of Outlook, yahoo to their Gmail app but the services which were added to the app were kept separate.This has changed now with the introduction of Gmailify. It is the existing unique feature of Gmail that categorizes mails in inbox as primary, social, updates, forum and promotions that applies to all the user added mail accounts such as yahoo, Outlook. 

updated mail
All inboxes label in the slide menu bar
Gmail’s categorized inbox


Users won’t be able to identify the difference until a new mail account is added to the app. Once the mail accounts are added, you will be able to see a new label “all inboxes” where inboxes of all accounts are linked together and the gmailify is applied, which means your mails of all accounts are now categorized within the app itself.

Google also provides same spam protection, inbox organizing, and Google now cards for all mail servers added to its linked inbox.

Now don’t worry if you use several mail accounts, Gmail app on your mobile does the magic once your accounts are synced.

Download Gmail Mobile App from here for your Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft’s New Outlook:

Microsoft has also updated their mail client in Android and iOS also releasing a big update to their mail arm Outlook.com, Microsoft has moved its outlook.com back-end to a more productive Office 365 infrastructure.

Updated mail
Outlook Mail based on Office 365 infrastructure

The new design layout brings comfortable space for your mails, calendar, tasks, contacts, chats. Also the new design supports third party addons by which user can enjoy mailing like never before. Skype has now deeply integrated into Microsoft’s services including onenote, onedrive, people and now outlook. Users can now schedule Skype calls directly from outlook web and outlook mobile.

Download Outlook Mobile from here for your Android and iOS devices also available as Outlook Web.

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