Official renderers: Huawei P20, P20 Lite and P20 Plus

Huawei P20 Series

The famous leaker Evan Blass published on his page official renders of Huawei P20, P20 Lite and P20 Plus, which we are happy to share. A feature of the devices will be frameless with a recess in the display, as well as a triple camera in the case of the P20 Plus. But first things first.

Huawei P20, P20 Lite and P20 Plus

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With each passing day, more and more manufacturers are starting to release smartphones with a notch in the display. And after a little thought, I concluded that they do not have any place to put sensors and a front camera. So now I do not think one-sidedly in favor of the iPhone X. Of course, the iPhone X was the first, but does this mean that if the iPhone were not the first, the other manufacturers would not have joined the race for framelessness? Also, before the iPhone on the market has already been presented Essential Phone.

Therefore, I propose to look at the new Huawei devices not as an attempt to imitate a competitor, but as an independent product. And from this point of view, the devices look good. Most of all confuse the scanner under the display, which spoils the front panel. The most attractive, in my opinion, is P20 Lite, which is strange because this is the most budgetary device from the line. Also, the P20 Lite is the only one in the line to receive the glass on the rear panel.

Huawei will officially announce the device as mentioned earlier in an event to hold in Paris on March 27. The flagship P20 Plus will receive a triple main camera. While it is difficult to say what functions, it will bring, but the presence of the third camera will undoubtedly become something new for the market. And what do you think?

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