Microsoft can build its own android now.

Microsoft Apps in Android

With already a bunch of homemade and acquired android apps in its kit, Microsoft acquired another successful android app “Swiftkey”, An App famous for its predictive typing.

Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock developed the app which predicts the next word user intends to type by using Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft, A company continually working to empower AI’s capability felt the requirement of such a personnel in their army. Thus got added to their shopping cart by the end of January and is now official.

Once Satya Nadella took over, Microsoft has geared up for a makeover , among which, the important thing is the cross-platform strategy, Nadella believes this would attract more business and users, and of-course, its working, the company has managed to score more customers from android and iOS platforms like never before.We said cross-platform, but the tech giant has released few apps to iOS and Android which are still not available in its own Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has large number of apps that are available in Play store and Apple store.

Microsoft has every basic common apps in android,With its own list of android apps the company can now build its own Android fork replacing all Google’s services with its own. May be for this reason Microsoft had planned to acquire Cyanogenmod which later ended in an agreement that states that in future Cyanogenmod OS could be pre-installed with Microsoft apps.

Microsoft’s Android Apps which can act as a replacement of Android’s :


Microsoft’s Google equivalent apps

Stellar Speedup Mac

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