The New Holographic Hydrogen One Phone from RED

Hydrogen One

A few months back, RED, the best video camera maker announced manufacturing its smartphone. The Hydrogen One is the first phone of this new series.  The more surprising came that said the phone would have a holographic display and revealed the technology behind it.

Innovations behind the Hydrogen One:

RED has teamed up with a company called Leia Inc. to manufacture this holographic display. The company Leia is known for its “light-field holographic display solutions for mobile.” And yes, it is named after Princess Leia from the great movie of Star Wars. See the company’s concept of the matter in this video here –

It is reported that Leia has made recent discoveries in the discipline of Nano-Photonic design and will manufacture the light-field holographic display using branded hardware and software. The technology is based on diffraction within a conventional LCD. With the backlight falling on the Nano-structures, it gives a feeling of depth to the image. However, this phenomenon on display will not alter any normal operation and features of the phone. Even it will not serve any objection when the display is non-holographic mode.

With holographic content, you could tilt and rotate the screen to view 3D objects from different angles. For example, a city map application will look exactly look like a city model fitted according to your phone display size. And with hover gestures, you will be able to interact with the holographic objects present over the display, all enabled by the partnership of Leia and Synaptics.

How Original is the Idea?

Hydrogen One

Although the claim and imagination are quite impressive, enabling the entire innovation may be tough in real life. RED says the device will feature movies, mobile gaming, and mixed reality experiences. But it is still unclear as to how this all can be made possible. No devices standing today support a holographic display, even Note 8 which costs $1000.

Price and Availability:

The Hydrogen One can be pre-ordered for two categories – the aluminum build costs $1,195 while the titanium build costs $ 1,595. The smartphone will be available in the first half of 2018.

To buy the smartphone, click here – RED Hydrogen

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