New Renders of Samsung Galaxy S9 Emerge Amidst Disappointments

Galaxy S9
Image Source: Android Headlines

Long gone are those days when no one knew what Nokia (old days’ Nokia) was planning and Boom! They announced a new device. It has become quite a norm for some years now that some images or specs of an upcoming device are always leaked on the internet. What used to be against company policies has now become a part of the ‘untold’ policies. It seems like manufacturers like to capitalize on the love and anticipation for new gadgets of the current generation by leaking some images or specs of an upcoming device to keep the masses on their toes.

So today we bring you some fresh renders about the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S9. Some images and rumors have surfaced about the device online which is sure to make many of you happy as well as may disappoint some who were expecting better.

Design of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S9


From a video by the trusted leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, we have come to know that Samsung plans to keep the design and build of the device same. It might just tinker with its sleekness by trying to make it thinner. Samsung has also retained the glass back. The power button remains on the right with the volume rockers and Bixby button on the left. The fingerprint sensor will perhaps be moved to a lot more familiar with the camera position and within the same groove of the camera. There are some sources which claim that Samsung may just pre-pone the launch of the device by a month and launch the S9 in February.


Galaxy S9
Image Source: Android Authority

Screen Size and Camera


There are very high chances that Samsung will stick to a 5.65-inch curved screen with its revolutionary 18:9 aspect ratio. Those of you who were hoping for a dual camera set-up, I have disappointment for you. Samsung seems to have stuck to a single camera module for it S series as the rendered images show. However, there are chances that it may just launch a higher priced S9+ with a dual camera set up. We know there is a need for some significant differences between its Note series and S series to ensure some uniqueness to each of them which leads us to believe the single camera module on the Galaxy S9 might just be an out of the world camera.


From what we have so far, it seems like Samsung plans to play a bit safe this time. From a company known for its innovativeness, it’s bad to see that the leaked images have nothing uncommon or trendsetter in them as Samsung had with the Infinity Display with the S8.

Customary with rumor articles, we at Microple would advise you to take all the information with a pinch of salt but keep in mind the words of the wise man, “When there is smoke, there is got to be a fire.”

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