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Nokia 3

HMD Global has updated the smartphone Nokia 3 to the latest version of the operating system, and now almost all smartphones are running the company’s Android Oreo. Also HMD Global listed all the benefits that became available to owners of Nokia 3 with a long-awaited update.

The update includes a picture-in-picture mode, 60 new emoji, and the Android Instant Apps engine – the latter helps you run applications faster and optimize their power consumption.

Nokia 3

Nokia smartphones run on a “clean” version of Android. Such firmware retains the original OS interface, does not contain hidden vendor applications and unnecessary background processes – this has a positive effect on performance and autonomy.

Also, with Android Oreo integrated function Google Zero Touch Enrollment. The option will be useful for companies that want to configure employees’ smartphones with corporate policies in mind. HMD Global underscored that Google recommended for corporate use the Nokia 7 Plus and eight smartphones, including them in the Android Enterprise Recommended program.


Meanwhile, HMD Global reported that the new Nokia 6 and seven would receive Android Oreo “out of the box.”

“We are proud of the scope and speed of release of updates for the operating system and security software. When releasing updates, the opinion of more than 50,000 people participating in the beta testing program launched by Nokia last year is taken into account. This program is designed to enable new Nokia users to participate in the creation of end products. Our brand has a lot of active fans, on the basis of which we regularly and quickly prepare updates for phones of all price segments, “- said the head of the representation of HMD in Russia and the CIS, Alexei Zenkov.

The release dates for Android Oreo updates for Nokia 3 and Other Nokia smartphones:

HMD Global, a home for Nokia phones is officially presented December 1, 2016
Introduced Nokia 6 – the first smartphone Nokia with Android OS January 8, 2017
Nokia BetaLabs is launched October 25, 2017
Nokia 8 Beta labs 8.0 October 25, 2017
Beta labs 8.1 January 23, 2018
8.0 November 24, 2017
8.1 February 13, 2018
Nokia 6 Beta labs 8.0 December 19, 2017
8.0 January 30, 2018
8.1 March 28, 2018
Nokia 5 Beta labs 8.0 December 12, 2017
8.0 January 30, 2018
8.1 March 28, 2018
Nokia 3 Beta labs 8.0 February 26, 2018
8.0 April 11, 2018

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