The Founder of OnePlus Spoke in Defense of Cutouts in the Screens

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Co-founder of OnePlus Karl Pei shared the first official image of the future OnePlus 6 and gave an exclusive interview to reporters The Verge. He told about the features of his company’s smartphones, about the approach to device design and attitude to the newfangled cutouts in the screens.


“The size of the cutout always depends on the company. What everyone basically does is move the notification bar, giving users more content on the screen, “Karl Pei said.

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Pei noted that the cutout in their smartphone will be different from the rest. The founder of the company said that the engineers at OnePlus could not make it as small as in the Essential Phone, without jeopardizing the quality of the conversational speaker and the front camera, without getting rid of proximity and lighting sensors or from the required multi-user LED indicator. Also, Karl Pei stated that they do not feel the need for such an advanced system as Apple’s Face ID, so their cutout is much smaller than in the iPhone X.

“We will have a cutout. It will be more than the Essential Phone, but less than the iPhone X “, – summed up Karl Pei.

OnePlus 6

A representative of OnePlus said that they checked the work of the 1,000 most popular applications from Google Play on the new smartphone to find out which ones will need to optimize the shell. The company had to move the clock in the notification panel to the left side, leaving more room on the right for system icons, and during video playback, the cutout would be hidden by the dark area of the screen, so it will not interfere with the consumption of content.

This is all that Karl Pei told about the future smartphone. He did not announce the date of the presentation.

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