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Hello there followers, I’m back after a vacation. During this vacation I and my cousin Vasanth really had a bad experience with a cracked screen ASUS Zenfone 4. The device’s part of screen was not responding which rendered the device unable to use. We had been trying to brace ourselves using accessibility settings before we found this incredible app, Vysor.


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Vysor is not an app you can find in Play Store because it is basically a chrome extension. You can get this extension installed by a simple Google search for your chrome. Working with this app isn’t rocket science, thanks to the app’s simplest UI. Koush, the developer of this app has made every thing simpler to access.

How it helped us?

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Using its easy keyboard and mouse share, users can command their android directly from PC/ Mac/ Linux operating systems. As it is available as a chrome extension, Vysor performs on any platform that supports chrome.


Available for all Google Chrome supported platforms
Available for all Google Chrome supported platforms

Install Vysor chrome extension, enable USB debugging and connect your mobile to your computer. Open Vysor app, select your android device. On first use, it takes few minutes to install an android app to your phone to mirror your device.

Enable USB debugging :

Open settings app > go to “about” > scroll down and click “build number” a few times until it say “now you are a developer” > go back > select “developer options” > find and enable “USB debugging”.


Apart from being a cool thing, the app has got some amazing features.

  • Mirror and Control Android
  • Screenshots
  • High Quality Mirroring
  • Full screen Mode
  • Vysor Share
  • Drag and Drop Files

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Mirroring and Control and Screenshot features are offered for free, the other features are available for a fancy price.

Developer’s Comment

Check out this developer videos which teases the app features.

Vysor Share Teaser | TheMicrople

Vysor App Teaser | TheMicrople

Microple Demo 

For our fellow followers, we ran a casual test at our App desk and we present you a screenshot tour (Click to enlarge).

vysor 5
We tested Vysor on Windows 10 and OnePlus 2
Works even when the phone is locked
Works even when the phone is locked
Vysor 1
Play Games and use Apps using Mouse and Keyboard.
With free version compromise High Resolution
With free version compromise High Resolution
Screenshot (54)
Mirror / Control Multiple devices
Left - One Plus 2 | Right - ASUS Zenfone 4
Left – One Plus 2 | Right – ASUS Zenfone 4
Vysor Pro Pricing
Vysor Pro Pricing

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