Samsung Galaxy S10 to Be Launched January 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 to Be Launched January 2019

Samsung is known for presenting new high-end products weeks before the competition. The bike turns faster and faster: While the Galaxy S8 went on sale in April 2017, the Galaxy S9 was ready in March 2018. The successor could go even faster if the new reports from South Korea come true. Supposedly Samsung wants to introduce the Galaxy S10 with new hardware in January. It is speculated that the new flagship will be featured at the Consumer Electronics Show, which will take place January 8-11, 2019 in Las Vegas.

Why is Samsung pushing so hard on the tube? The answer could be related to another smartphone in the group. The long-awaited Galaxy X with foldable display should also be in the starting blocks at the beginning of next year. To avoid internal and costly product cannibalism, Samsung claims to prefer the idea of the Galaxy S10. Possible would be a presentation of the Galaxy X in the framework of the Mobile World Congress, thus between 25 and 28 February 2019.

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An overlap between Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X could put Samsung in front of a similar problem as Apple, which has launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone X with a mere one-month gap. Should it stay at a show at the CES and the MWC, there would be only a few weeks between the presentations – maybe the distance is too small. As with Apple, potential customers could wait for the “X” version, which in turn would depress the sales of the standard model significantly.

Samsung and other manufacturers have been working on a foldable smartphone for years. The Galaxy X could finally be ready in the spring of 2019. According to South Korean media, however, Samsung is driving in this matter with the handbrake on. Allegedly not as many components were ordered as for the Galaxy S series. It is quite possible that the group would like to test the market for foldable devices before the smartphone may become a millionaire grave.


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