Top Must Have Apps for iOS and Android of 2017

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The year 2017 is coming to an end. 2017 has seen many Android flagships launch and Apple too launched two new iOS-based devices. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X. We had the whole year to try out various applications on the respective app markets, and today we bring you a list of top apps from both App Store and Google Play for the year 2017.

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  • 1Password: People have various involvements which call for different passwords. Remembering all of them though is always trouble. 1Password enables you to keep a record of all of your passwords. All you need to do is remember the password for the 1Password App. Here is the link to iOS devices.
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  • IFTTT: A weird name for an app that does wonders. ’ If This Then That’ is an app that lets you automate every task in your iOS or Android Like saving an image to your Dropbox if you post it on Instagram and more. This app earned an editor’s choice award for its functionality.
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  • Headspace: Can’t make head or tail of what this app is about? Well, it is a meditation assistance app that helps you calm down, relax and meditate with the help of guidance. One of the best meditation apps, only with a twist. Androiders! Here it is, iPhone geeks, click here.
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  • Sworkit: This app is best for people who are always on the lookout for various workout regimes. The app lets the user set the intensity level, set the time when the user plans to work out and also guides the user to achieve the results. Sworkit is currently available for Android.
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  • Mint: Mint is a very popular finance manager app that takes the trouble of remembering due bill dates off you. It reads your inbox and manages finances giving timely reminders of the due dates of the bills and also keeps track of your expenses. A nifty app which will always let you keep track of your money. Here are iOS and Android.
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  • Find My iPhone: God forbid you may never have to use this app. However, in case you have to, you can be assured that Find My iPhone will surely give it’s best in getting your beloved device back. The app lets you remotely locate any iOS device its installed in to and also enables you to sound an alarm, erase the contents and lock it up with a custom message with your contact number. Here is a link to the app.



There you have it, a list of some of the best apps for iOS and Android which is a must-have for you this year. Each application has its uniqueness and is compatible with almost all the current devices in the market.


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