WhatsApp Message Recall features hits Android, iOS and Window Devices

whatsapp message recall

WhatsApp is releasing an exceptional privacy-focused feature to end users that will allow you to resolve a typing error in your messages quickly. Whether or not that’s a typo or just something that you just should not have said. It has been the desire for users to be able to recall sent messages especially users that can send inappropriate messages to a different chat.


WhatsApp Delete for all Feature

Message deletion for all: This enables you to delete a message you lets you remove a message you sent from a chat or conversation and it will not only delete from your end but also the recipient(s)’s device. Which really can be very helpful in case you sent something to someone by mistake, maybe a typo, or perhaps you regretted saying something, and so on. I believe this will be your next move.

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WhatsApp Message Recall Limitations

On the other hand, there exist five (5) limitations of WhatsApp Message Recall feature

  1. You have within 7 minutes after sending the message to revoke the message after that there’s no way to recall the message.
  2. If the message is opened and read by the recipient, your deletion will not affect them.
  3. WhatsApp will not notify you that the message recall worked on the recipient(s)’s phone, which means you’re not sure if the deletion was a success or not.
  4. Message recall is not yet possible yet on the Broadcast list.
  5. Message recall is not yet possible in a quoted message.


How to recall or erase message on WhatsApp

  • Select a message on a WhatsApp conversation
  • Tap the trash icon in the title bar; then you will a pop-up asking me if you want to delete the message for me or everyone.

Note: Messages older than 7 minutes won’t display this option.

Regardless of those couple of drawbacks, this is most definitely an incredible feature which can be handy even though it’s just for correcting typos or information.

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