Google Chrome 69 Arrives on Desktop and Mobile with New Interface

Google Chrome 69

Google Chrome v69 is being distributed on mobile and desktop. On the occasion of the tenth birthday, comes a deep restyling of the browser interface with “Google Material Theme“. The changes are many and concern a bit ‘any part of the application – from the form of the tabs to the graphics of contextual menus, to the edges of the search bar. There are also many mobile side optimizations; for example on the iPhone, there is a button to recall the search at the bottom instead of at the top (easier to reach with the thumb). The “multitasking” pages to switch from one tab to the other and the “new tab” has been completely redesigned.



Some of the most interesting features include:

  • Ability to customize the page background New tab with a personalized image (desktop)
  • Toolbar on the bottom on iOS for easy access with the thumb
  • More precise automatic completion for passwords, addresses and credit card numbers
  • Automatic password generator improved (and synchronized on all devices)



Answers to questions, for example on weather, sports results and definitions, directly in the list of results suggested by the Omnibox, so as not to request the opening of a page on purpose if you do not want to investigate.



  • The Omnibox now indicates if a suggested site is already open in another tab – even in another Chrome window, on Desktop.
  • Ability to customize the quick links of the “new tab” page (it is not clear if you synchronize between all platforms/devices.
  • Some experimental features to reduce opening times, latency and memory usage.

By opening Google Chrome on the desktop, some users receive a pop-up that leads to this page to discover all the news. In reality, the page is not very rich in information, indeed perhaps a bit ‘too general, but we report for completeness.

At the time of writing the article, we have positive feedback on the availability of the update only on iOS. On the Play Store still the latency update, the same applies to desktop (Windows/macOS). Since Google has announced its distribution, the wait should still be very short.

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