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Google Chrome will start to warn you if you suddenly make a mistake in the name of the URL or clicked on the phishing link. This innovation will appear with the release of one of the next updates of the web browser, which should be released before the end of winter. Thus, the developers of the search giant expect to reduce the number of phishing attacks, as well as minimize the likelihood of an erroneous transition to websites with a similar name.

Best of all, the upcoming innovation displayed in the screenshot below. It clearly shows that from now on the browser will analyze the outline of the characters that form the URL-addresses and warn you of an intentional or accidental error. For example, if you accidentally go to instead of or instead of, Chrome will understand this, even if you do not notice a forgery, and the fake website looks like the original one.

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However, as specified by the developers, the described innovation is more advisory than forced. It will not allow the browser to automatically redirect you to the correct, in his opinion, resource, limited to only the notification with the corresponding content next to the search string. But whether to follow the advice of Chrome or ignore it is the right of the user himself, representatives of the Google development team state.

In general, as practice shows, Google Chrome is among the most protected browsers. Despite the fact that it does not offer some functions like a proxy or VPN by default, it turns out to be a much more secure solution than, for example, Safari. So, corporate browser Apple has recently caught in the homographic vulnerability to attacks that involve the substitution of the Latin alphabet The URL-address in the matching symbols in shape.

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