Google Duplex Can Make Calls on Your Behalf

Duplex can talk to real people naturally, on your behalf

Google has unveiled a new feature for its AI Assistant at the Google IO 2018. The new feature, or rather a whole new aspect, is called Duplex. Google Duplex can make your conversations with your virtual assistant more human and lifelike, to say the least.

I knew for once we were stepping into the future when I heard the Duplex make a call as a demo. Yes, it made a real call to a local hair salon and talked to a real person. The Duplex crafted the call out of its intelligence and virtual and machine learning when it was requested to make an appointment with the owner.

But the ground below my feet shifted when I heard the human-like voice and natural conversation skills exhibited by Duplex. It can even use words and expressions like ‘umm’, hmm’ and ‘mmm’ to fill in the awkward gaps in the conversation and sound more natural. The lady behind the phone at the saloon didn’t even realise that she was conversing with a mere bot.

Google also revealed that they were working on such technologies which could be used to create whole new voices for the assistant by using a mere few samples. The company teased the same concept by showcasing a few samples in the voice of the massively popular Singer American John Legends.

There are various other improvements in the existing AI as well. For example, you have to say ‘ok Google’ only once and not after each query. The AI can now also understand complex and fairly larger sentences.

Duplex seems like some next-level AI things but it’ll be our personal manager before we know it. It is a big leap forward into the future. While the Google AI merely provided us with a information, Duplex allows us to interact with that information. It can even effectively interact with that information on your behalf.

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