IBM launches their own assistant – WATSON.

IBM's Watson

IBM at the THINK 2018 event which is taking place in Las Vegas launched their own Personal assistant “Watson.” According to IBM, all the previous assistants have done the groundwork for whats next , a truly Intelligent assistant who can get to know the user which help businesses enhance brand loyalty and transform the customer experience. IBM’s Watson hopes to achieve just this.

Watson is a smart enterprise assistant which can incorporate itself “with artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) ” all of which come together to make it possible for it to be brought into our daily lives. As an assistant Watson varies a lot from its other counterparts namely Siri, Alexa and the Google assistant because of it

“can be embedded in any “thing” – a car, hotel room, retail store, conference room and more – offering consumers new levels of convenience as they live, work and travel. It combines a deep understanding of the user with additional contextual factors such as their location and time of day to anticipate their needs and proactively make recommendations.” – Kareem Yusuf  (GM , Watson Internet Of Things , IBM.)

Many leading brands have already started utilizing IBM’s Watson, Including HARMAN which is a global leader in connected car technology by demonstrating Watson Assistant in its digital cockpit solution featured in a Maserati GranCabrio.

IBM's Watson

While many others like Airwire, Munich Airport, Kaon Media, The Royal Bank of Scotland and their newest partner, IFTTT have turned to Watson assistant to engage their customers better. Here’s a small video showcasing I-VIE which utilizes IBM’s Watson –


IBM has designed Watson for than just the Home

“And, it doesn’t just respond to a person’s commands and provide generic information that’s publicly available. It can be accessed via voice or text interaction and gets to know a person more through each and every interaction, gaining greater insight into who they are, what makes them happy and more.”

Watson Assistant can be infused automotive and hospitality businesses where Automotive Manufacturers can offer a Smart assistant experience to customers in their vehicles whereas Hotels can provide the same in their rooms. But Watson has been designed to have a more comprehensive scope which also includes other industries which allow companies in “retail, banking and more to create several types of conversational capabilities (skills) that are important and relevant for their business or industry.”

I am very excited for this launch and can’t wait to see what other products will be seen running IBM’s Watson.

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