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In this article we are not going to talk about normal communication process like talking, messaging, calling, texting, etc. Instead we are going to look at mind communication which is a very hot topic nowadays in research field.

In the history of communication, first we started talking through sign languages, then we learned how to speak, then came letters, messages, calls but today in this era of technology we want to go one step further. In fact think about the situation where humans can control their computers only with their thought process. This concept can also be used in daily conversation where two humans can convey their messages and feel each other through thoughts irrelevant of the distance. In this way we may communicate with one another through mind and is called Mind Communication. Various researches are going on this topic and some findings have proved that after some years this can be possible. This Mind Communication is possible with Brain Computer Interface.

mind communication

What is Brain Computer Interface?

Brain Computer Interface is the interface which connects the human brain to the computer. Now if we take a look at our brain than we can find a lot of neurons and neural networks which have electrical pulses in them, now if we monitor the electrical signals transferred through our brains and extract some sort of message through them and use it as an information then it will be very helpful for us to communicate through mind.

The whole communication process can be done in simple three steps i.e. information extraction, processing and action to be taken. For example, if two humans want to communicate then first person will think of some message he/she wants to convey. After that the information will be extracted and it will be processed. Then with the help of computer and through internet it will be sent to another person’s computer and there the message will be transferred to second person’s brain in the form of thought so that he/she can feel the same way as the first person was feeling while conveying the message.

mind communication

So the concept of this is amazing. But the research now is in its initial stage and many development are needed to be done. If we take the example of Cyborg where machine parts are added in humans and is controlled with the help of mind communication. Therefore the possibilities regarding this concept are unlimited in the future.

mind communication

A study has been done regarding this. Where two subjects far away from each other are connected through their mind to computer. Then Subject A imagines moving an arm. A computer monitors brain activity and interprets moving the left arm as zero and the right arm as one. Then this information is sent to another computer through internet. A remote lamp kept in front of subject B communicates the ones and zeroes as a series of flashes. Subject B watches the lamp and another computer decodes the brain activity as either one or zero. This means the complete message has been delivered from one mind to another.

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