Top IoT Trends of 2018 Which Promises to Change the World

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When we talk about the Internet of Things, we think of a scenario where every piece of technology, maybe that be our smartphones or the automobiles we drive, being interconnected to each other. This scene, where there is a constant interchange of data happening amongst the interconnected pieces of technology, aims to provide improved efficiency, reduced human intervention, and more economic benefits. Every interconnected device can be identified uniquely through its embedded computing systems and yet they can operate together in the internet network. This is a time when the world is making breakthrough progress in science and technology, and this has led to the advent of many IoT trends which promises to make the world a better place. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest IoT trends of 2018 and their potential in changing this world.

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Smartness in Every Vertical

 Smartphones and smart TVs are a thing of the past now. Ideas that were laughed at a decade ago are on the verge of becoming a reality. As IoT is aimed at reducing human intervention and is very good at following pre-set instructions, the world could soon see the refrigerator which would smartly detect low inventory and order stuff from Amazon Pantry. Smart vehicles are already in development, and it won’t be long when your car would connect to Google Maps and take to a pre-set location, drop you off and park itself. Currently, there are many different pieces of technology available that are smart in themselves and its IoT which will connect them and make them work in cohesion shortly.

Rise above Fitness Bands

The latest trend in the world today is the use of fitness bands and smartwatches which do much more than show time. They can monitor pulse rate, heartbeat, sleep time and some calories burnt in a workout. The trend is going towards a fully automated health monitoring system that can monitor blood glucose levels, blood pressure and warn the user of an impending heart attack while a connected smartphone would automatically call 911 or other such emergency numbers. Many global medical companies are starting to develop wireless diagnostic systems which can use IoT to transmit data and test records and thus provide better insight to healthcare organizations enabling them to care for the patients better.

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IoT, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency

IoT does have security issues, and blockchain can come to its aid. Blockchain adopts cryptography to secure the data it holds and the same cryptography can provider answer to all the security concerns of IoT which once done will help turn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum mainstream with more acceptability.

Augmented Security

The world is already moving towards an automated defense and offense systems to minimize human casualties. The US’s Predator, Russia’s Chirok which can be used for surveillance and can even carry payloads for surgical strikes is an indication that IoT is going to be heavily involved in every military of every nation shortly.

Individual genres of technology currently operating through a centralized cloud platform are the dots. IoT is working to connect these dots and make them work on their own, through decentralized self-governed platforms.

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