Trick : Get free Windows 10 upgrade | Windows 10 prices at $119

free windows 10

It has become a usual thing in every operating system the tech giants failing to close a window that allow users to bypass activation, this case suits even for the latest highly secured Windows 10 operating system. But this time the trick is so simple and it could get you free windows 10 operating system.

free Windows 10 : trick is here

Every one know Windows’ free upgrade offer ended on 29 July, 2016. The upgrade process validates system requirements (hardware, licence) and the date which offer ends. If a system is compatible with Windows 10 and July 29, 2016 is yet to come then the system is eligible for free Windows 10. The trick is to set the system date to anywhere prior to July 29, 2016 would allows the system to receive Windows 10 for free.

is that a bug or on purpose ? 

It rises questions in my mind as to why  no one in the tech world has taken steps to curb this bug! Does Microsoft do this on purpose? Does the failure to meet its 1 Billion active users mark drove them to do this?, Is this a real bug?. Answers only lie with Microsoft. People using accessibility technologies can still get the free offer but his will also end soon (expect the trick too ends with this).

Windows 10, starting from $119

Microsoft has finally announced the end of yearlong free Windows 10 upgrade offer. The company has now announced pricing details of Windows at $119 and $190 for home and pro users respectively. New users can get Windows 10 at not more than ₹8000 for Home and ₹13500 for Pro in India.

Buy here : In India, Windows 10 is available in FlipkartSnapdeal and and retail outlets across the nation.

WIndows 10 - An operating system for all devices.
Windows 10 – An operating system for all devices.

For a recap Microsoft unveiled its most ever advanced operating system Windows 10 – probably the last version of the world’s popular operating system, last year. The company also announced a free upgrade offer applicable for   users with their legal windows 7 / 8 purchase to jump to windows 10. The operating system is dubbed to be universal regardless of screen sizes and devices.

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