Microsoft Andromeda: Still Being Developed

Galaxy Fold arrived. Mate X followed him, where is Andromeda instead? The Microsoft project appeared for the first time many months ago and at first it seemed the real alternative to the aforementioned giants. Various information had appeared about it and at the same time that interest in the matter seemed to have passed into the background, silence fell. Unlike the first two, however, the device of the US company never returned to make headlines.

Months after the last time something appeared that refers to this device. This is a patent filed and published by the World Intellectual Property Organization which refers to the hinge that Andromeda should adopt. Apparently it will allow a function that in the Galaxy Fold , much less in the Mate X is not present. This is the possibility of using it as a laptop or holding the two parts at an angle of 90 ° or even more .

Microsoft Andromeda

Here is the Microsoft patent application: “The present concepts refer to devices, such as computer devices, which use groups of hinges that can lock in rotation a first and a second section of device with respect to a hinge axis, such as a first axis of hinge relative to the first section and a second axis of hinge that refers to the second section. “


“ Some of the present hinge groups can be considered equipped with a pop-up function since the hinge group can automatically open the hinge from a closed position when it is activated by a user. Alternatively, or in addition, some of the existing hinge assemblies may provide a path for a conductor through the hinge assembly which exposes the conductor to only a single axis of rotation during rotation of the first and second portions. “

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