Microsoft bought Zikera’s Groove.

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned en route into becoming an all in one platform. The temperature has just gone a notch up with Microsoft’s acquisition of an iOS app while swiftkey is still baking hot in it’s kit.

Groove iOS app
Groove iOS app

Microsoft-LogoA smart music player for iOS named Groove which had over 1.5 million downloads has been acquired by Microsoft, Yes you read it right, “Groove”.  The app named similar to the company’s own Groove Music app has raised many eye brows, for in the past, they were dragged into lawsuit for SkyDrive with BskyB company, result of which,they had to get their cloud service rechristened as OneDrive. To avoid history from repeating,this time Microsoft has acted swiftly in time.

Windows 10 Groove Music App

Microsoft, has bought two domains that belonged to Zikera : and back in september with the later redirecting to Microsoft’s Grove page.

Microsoft’s Groove App is now available at various platforms including SONOS Devices, SONOS is a company that makes HiFi wireless speakers.

Download the app and start grooving.
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