Microsoft Build Event – New Gadgets/Technology Revealed

Microsoft Build 2018
Credits: Microsoft

Microsoft build is an annual event that is used to showcase the progress of the company over the last year. It is a major tech event that explains many development concerns with Microsoft products ranging from Artificial intelligence to software to machine learning and many other tech related upgrades. Microsoft Build Event 2018 featured the announcement Kinect cloud services, tabs switching, developers profit increment, your phone app and initializing relationship between Cortana and Alexa.

Kinect Cloud Services

Kinect is a Microsoft technology that has been an accessory for Xbox and did not have any other advantages. In this event, Microsoft mentioned that Kinect is turning into a cloud service provider for storage of useful information. Kinect is now live for utilization and function,

Tabs Switching

This tab switching is a technology that gives the ability for users to switch to tabs in other apps. Especially if you’re using a function in another application, so instead of closing the app to the other, you can switch in the same window interface. Microsoft further mentioned that a feature will soon be introduced where ‘Alt-tab’ could be used to switch tabs in the same windows, browser or user interface.

iOS and Android Timeline

Timeline generally is an interface that shows activities and updates. Microsoft introduced the timeline as it will be used to keep track of all apps in use, and it’s related activities as far as the user or developer has synchronized all apps with the timeline. It is compatible with Android and iOS. This timeline is embedded in the latest update of Windows 10.

Developers Profit Increment

Generally, when apps are designed by a developer, there is a percentage that is paid to the big app stores most times 30% and below. But Microsoft has decided to bring the rate low so the developer can have at least 90 -95% percent cut of the general profit made from the app. It is a huge incentive in order to invite developers to patronize Microsoft store.

Your Phone App

Your phone app is a new app just introduced by Microsoft. This app can be synchronized with Android, iOS and the latest update of Windows 10. It makes it possible for the phone activities to appear on the computer. This platform has created convenience in the use of phone so if you’re busy on the computer, the phone activities could be controlled from the computer. It will be launched by fall of 2018.

Creation of Relationship Between Alexa and Cortana

This relationship is majorly between Microsoft and Amazon. This relationship has created an opportunity for smart assistants of both companies to be available for users on each other’s interface. This partnership has been on a long time but was just officially initiated in this years Microsoft Build event. This platform will give an opportunity to control Cortana from Amazon Echo and likewise control Alexa with Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft Build is one event that each moment should not be missed. The technology launched every year has proven better as the world grows old.

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