Microsoft makes a Windows Defender extension for the Google Chrome.

About the Windows Defender extension.

Windows Defender Browser Protection is an extension for Google Chrome browser, which has been released by the tech giant Microsoft. The extension utilizes the same “intelligence” which is being used in Microsoft’s Edge browser. The extension will have a continuously updated list of websites which are harmful and will also secure users from Phishing and Socially engineered malware sites.

About the Windows Defender extension.

Microsoft might have decided to start working on this extension after a study from NSSlabs which was conducted in the year 2017 concluded that, Microsoft Edge browser gives 99% security against Phishing attacks whereas Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox stood at 87% and 70%.

Microsoft edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

The tests by NSSlabs where undertaken focusing on the “block rate, consistency of protection, and early protection against new threats”. In the tests NSS used the –

  • Google Chrome: Version 60.0.3112.113
  • – Microsoft Edge Version 40.15063.0.0
  • – Mozilla Firefox: 55.0.3

But surprisingly there is not yet a Windows Defender extension available for Firefox which at least according to this test is the one with the lowest score.

Still for me Mozilla Firefox is the most preferred browser, with the uBlock Origin add-on on top. That is at least in my experience is the most secure and fast browser there is.

Which one do you prefer ?

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