Petya Ransomware | A cyber-attack in hiding

Petya ransomware

Petya Ransomware:

Many computers all over the internet were attacked just weeks ago by the Wanna cry ransomware. Ransomware is a piece of software which infects your computer and encrypts its files. It asks payment/ransom for providing the decryption key for the encrypted file. The payment is done in a virtual currency preferably Bitcoin. That is why these type of software have got the name of Ransomware. IT companies all over the world were affected by it due to a little vulnerability in the Windows Operating system which was successfully patched by Microsoft. This week a new cyber-attack namely Petya Ransomware threatened the cyber security all over the world. Here’s what we know about the new Petya Ransomware

Petya ransomware
After your PC has been infected, you will be greeted with this ASCII art

The Ransomware infection started by infecting the computers of Ukraine. It was the epicenter of the attack. It affected most of the company’s resources including the central bank, airport, metro transport and even the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. The officials were forced to switch to manual operation due to the attack. The ransomware exploits a vulnerability in the computers connected to the network. If a computer connected in a network is infected then other computers connected to the same network will be affected too.

Petya ransomware

Most Ransomware focuses on the widespread of the software and extorting money from target IT companies. However, this was not the case with Petya. Petya as most ransomware, started by encrypting the files on the infected computers and asking money for the decryption key. But even when the demanded amount was paid Petya was unable to decrypt the encrypted file. According to a report, the Bitcoin wallet associated with the attacker has received just about $10000 which is pretty small as compared to other ransomware attacks.


Experts are suggesting that this ransomware attack might be a cyber-attack in disguise. The Ransomware was mostly spread across computers in Ukraine. Researchers suspect that this might be a general assault. The infections seemed to target specific institutions in Ukraine instead of a wide-spread infection. This adds to the point that this attack might not be just any simple ransomware attack and instead of a nationwide cyber-attack disguised as ransomware. However many government officials reject that theory by saying that the attackers were unable to create a good ransomware software and the decryption problem was just because of poor coding on their part.


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