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hp omen x

HP has unveiled their Omen X portfolio for Indian Gaming Community. This portfolio consists of a series of high specification gaming products. It comprises a range of gaming products, from old-school video gaming experience to the latest VR gaming and more. The three core products of this portfolio include, the HP Omen X Compact Desktop with VR Backpack, the HP Omen X Desktop, and the HP Omen X Notebook.

Along with, HP has also introduced some gaming accessories for the same. It includes Omen Headset 800, Omen Mouse 600, Omen Steel Series Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Pad.

In this article, we will take a look at the HP Omen X Compact Desktop with backpack accessory as an option to provide a full VR gaming experience.

hp omen x


The main highlight of this portfolio was this HP Omen X Compact Desktop. It has a versatile form factor, which includes the ability to be docked and undocked quickly for gaming in any room. This Desktop can also be attached to a backpack accessory for great VR Gaming Experience. Now talking about the features of this desktop, it has got the latest gen Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU options. It has also got the Factory-overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Graphic Card for the best-known gaming experience. Advanced Thermal and Electrical Engineering had been done to keep it fresh.

hp omen x

It has also got the Omen Command Centre for reducing the latency while gaming. HP Omen X has also gained the support for DTS Headphone for providing simulated surround sound while using headphones. Which enhances the gaming experience to great extent adding a full 360-degree VR experience. There is also an optional VR backpack accessory for the Omen X Compact Desktop. Which allows the gamers to experience VR gaming through the desktop. HP also provides dock, which makes it easier to connect the accessories in one go. The connecting cables are too short to give you hassle-free experience. The HP Omen X Compact Desktop is accomplished by four swappable batteries and a charging dock. Out of which two are used at a time while the other two can be charged simultaneously. Providing you uninterrupted gaming experience.

The Hp Omen X Compact Desktop with VR Backpack is available at a starting price of Rs 294,988.


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