July 29 will shutdown Windows 10 free upgrade

WIndows 10 - An operating system for all devices.

Windows 10 free upgrade, The path breaking price in Windows OS history will end soon. This Microsoft product came with an unprecedented offer, that is “user who have a valid Windows 7/8/8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free*” (read it as Free! Free! Free!). But, the asterisk (*) at the end has a condition by the company. The free upgrade offer valid only one year from the date of official announcement.

windows 10 has reached 100 million devices

Windows 10 reportedly has reached 100+ million devices and the company believes that it will reach 1 billion within 2-3 years. The tool which the company took to reach such huge user base for their new operating system (Windows service according to the company) is this free upgrade offer. This offer popups in an eligible Windows 7/8/8.1 installed computers when connected to internet and begins updating in auto update enabled devices. users can manually update their devices by accessing windows upgrade page.

upgrade soon if you haven’t 

Windows 10 upgrade terms & conditions

It is clearly mentioned in the specification page of Windows 10 that the offer ends after one year ie. 7/29/2016.

why should upgrade? we have 5  simple reasons

We have 5 solid reasons why one should upgrade to Windows 10

  • Cortana
  • Continuum
  • Universal Windows Platform
  • Best new features
  • Its Free*

Cortana is best of all windows 10 has got. She is your new personal assistant. She can save your time in more ways than you expect from other personal assistant available in industry. Cortana can take notes for you, she can remind you about your appointments, search web for you and lots more. Cortana’s entry into rival platforms ( android and iOS ) is never before act from any personal assistant, as each has its own. Users can also send SMS from PC/ Notebook via cortana. With the yet to come windows anniversary update, cortana reportedly can include an Apple’s Hand-off like feature which can sync app data in real time.


Continuum is an important feature of this operating system. Early days features continuum only in start menu which adapts itself according to screen size and later this has deeply integrated into the system especially in Windows 10 Mobile – The Windows 10 OS for mobile phones. Microsoft is not the only player in this ground as the Ubuntu is also working on similar feature.

Universal Windows Platform

This is a platform-homogeneous application architecture created by Microsoft. UWP enables developers to develop apps that can run on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile without need to rewrite for each. Windows store already has a few UWP apps and more yet to come. Microsoft not only working to unify its desktop and mobile platform through this but has planned to further expand this to Xbox, Hololens.

Best new features

Windows is incorporating new, enhanced and adapted features including

Enhanced & Adapted :

  • Start Menu – Microsoft has listened to their fans and returns Start Menu, this is a mix of windows 7 ‘s start menu and windows 8 ‘s start screen.
  • Action center – Adapted from mobile operating systems. its is a notification holder and quick toggle switches container similar to what we can get in a mobile phone.
  • Date and Time – This existing windows feature that has been enhanced.
  • Taskbar fly outs – Flyouts for WiFi, Battery, Volume has been enhanced.
  • Mail & Calendar – improved mail and calendar apps.
  • Groove Music – Microsoft’s new music streaming service. (formerly Xbox Music/Zune Music)
  • Videos & TV – Microsoft’s new video streaming service.  (formerly Xbox video, Zune Video)

New :

  • Microsoft Edge – New default modern web browser.
  • Settings App – Control Panel has been modernized to a mobile like settings app. (both are available as of now)
  • Phone Companion – A companion app that supports Windows, Android and iOS devices.
  • Contact Support – An app that instantly connects user to Microsoft support via chat.
  • Tablet Mode – Makes all apps run in full screen mode and simulates a tablet experience.
  • Key less activation – “Digital entitlement” according to Microsoft is a method that backup activation from a device using its hardware keys. If the users reinstall OS at any instance, Windows will re-activate itself when connected to internet if matched hardware found.

and number of improvements in terms of security and server capabilities for severs. This OS can withstand what it takes for a home, office, mobile, consoles, business, server and IoT as an operating system.

                    Bottom line                   

Upgrade your windows version to the more recent, modern, feature rich Windows 10 before your clock says its 12AM July 29, 2016. Moving to a newer and secure windows is good than stay with unbraced Windows XP or vista. Windows will soon shutdown supports for windows 7 and 8 too. Windows 10 will be the underlying operating system for Xbox, Hololens, Desktop, Notebook, Mobile devices and Internet of Things and act as a platform. We still have no clue how Microsoft is going to play operating system as a service concept and pricing of windows 10, however, sure we know your upgrade will stay activated for at least 5 years from now. Upgrade your Windows now from here.

image source : Microsoft

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