Alcatel blocked access to the calculator on its smartphones


Alcatel blocked the functionality of the company application “Calculator” for those users who did not give it the highest score in the Google Play catalog.

Everything is alright, but the Calculator application, which Alcatel was pushing so aggressively, was preset by default on all smartphones coming out under this brand. In other words, the manufacturer, in fact, was engaged in extortion, limiting the functionality of branded devices.

alcatel calculator
Demanding to evaluate the application with the highest score, Alcatel naturally expected to increase its rating among its counterparts and thereby to achieve its popularity among users of devices on Android. In time, the raised hype surrounding this issue forced the manufacturer to remove the application.

It is reported that the “Calculator” from Alcatel has disappeared not only from the range of Google Play but also from the list of installed applications on the smartphones of the manufacturer. Probably, the developers of the company decided that the removal with the subsequent return of the updated app will cause users to forget about the incident.

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