AMD announces Ryzen Pro CPUs packed with Hardware Encryption for Secure Corporate and Enterprise computers.

AMD has announced that its Ryzen Pro CPUs specifically for enterprise and corporate desktops will be launched on August 29 this year.

As announced, there will be six models. Two each under Ryzen 7 Pro, Ryzen 5 Pro and Ryzen 3 Pro brands. These CPUs uses the same architecture as their Ryzen counterparts but with enhanced reliability and security.

Ryzen Pro CPUs Features:

These new CPUs will benefit from all the same features as the consumer Ryzen lineup but with extra features like:

  • Each CPU has dedicated hardware co-processor on the same package. This reduces opportunities for malware & attackers to get into the CPU.
  • Have dedicated logic blocks for encryption and decryption thus reduces workload on CPUs cores
  • Comes with a 3 years warranty

Furthermore, Ryzen 7 Pro is designed for heavy multitasking and content creation with 3D graphics, software development and scientific data. Ryzen 5 Pro targets “advanced productivity” and remote collaboration, while Ryzen 3 Pro is designed for those who work with documents, surf the Web, and use common productivity applications.

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