AMD Radeon Vega Graphics Card Frontier Edition

AMD Radeon Vega Graphics Card

After months of tickles and teases, the full hardware details about the first AMD Radeon Vega Graphics Card are finally here. Pre-orders for the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition apparently opened late Thursday ahead of the card’s June 27 launch.

Specification of AMD Radeon Vega Graphics Card:

Both graphics cards include 16GB of HBM2 memory, 483GB/sec of memory bandwidth, 4096 stream processors 13.1 TFLOPS single precision compute performance and 26.2 TFLOPS double precision compute performance. It also features a pixel fill rate of 90 GPixels/s.

TDP for the air-cooled and liquid-cooled cards are reportedly listed at 300W and 375W respectively. Each card comes with three DisplayPort 1.4 connectors and a single HDMI port.

AMD Radeon Vega Graphics Card

GPU Family

AMD Vega

Flagship GPU

Vega 10

GPU Process

14nm FinFET

GPU Transistors

15-18 Billion

GPU Cores (Max)

4096 SPs

Peak FP32 Compute

13.1 TFLOPs

Peak FP16 Compute

26.2 TFLOPs


16 GB HBM2

Memory (Consumer Cards)


Memory (Dual-Chip Professional/ HPC)


HBM2 Bandwidth

483 GB/s (Frontier Edition)

Graphics Architecture

Next Compute Unit (Vega)

Successor of (GPU)

Radeon RX 500 Series


June 2017


A variety of AMD Radeon Vega Graphics Card:

AMD Radeon Vega Graphics Card

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier edition will be available in two variants. One would be an air cooled model which comes in a lovely blue industrial texture with a glowing yellow “R” emblem placed in the corner. The back is covered by a nice blue textured backplate. The whole card is powered by a dual 8-pin connector configuration which confirms a TDP of around 300W. The card is cooled by a single blower style fan that throws air out of the I/O side exhaust vents.

AMD Radeon Vega Graphics Card

The second card has also been shown and comes in a brushed golden texture on the shroud. It has the same features but these come with blue LED lighting. The card will feature liquid cooling The liquid cooled model ships with a TDP of 375W which is 75W higher than the air-cooled variant but will operate at much faster speeds due to extra cooling.

The air-cooled Frontier Edition costs $1,200, and the liquid-cooled Vega goes for a cool $1,800.

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