Apple to integrate Augmented Reality feature in its camera

Augmented Reality

Apple is planning to integrate the Augmented Reality into its existing camera app.
Apple is working with a secret team of experts in order to make the existing iPhone camera application with the new augmented reality features.In the recent days apple have also acquired some startup which are expert in augmented reality which include big names such as Metaio and Flyby Media.
The idea is to make the phone able to find the real world objects to be recognized. Apple is also working on this technology using the machine learning technique and they have created some prototype which could recognize some basic objects using its Photo app.
we can expect that Apple may also develop an SDK for the Augmented reality which will be available for the developers. So user can experience the AR  features with third party apps and games.
Furthermore Apple is currently working on a wearable glass which looks similar to that of the existing Google Glass, which gives a better idea that Apple is taking its steps forward into the AR world.

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