Apple Users Are More Generous than Android Users

Apple user Vs Android user

Apple users are willing to spend more on applications than owners of Android-devices. App Annie made this conclusion. It is reported that Android significantly bypasses iOS by market share, but developers prefer first to release programs for the “apple” platform.
App Annie estimated that Android occupies more than 80% of the market, and 70% of all downloads of applications in 2017 happened on the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, App Store received 66% of the proceeds from sales of all applications. Researchers also showed statistics of purchases of programs for the last five years.

Apple Users VS Android Users
Apple User VS Android User

The exact reason for this discrepancy is not reported. It is assumed that Apple devices are more expensive, so their owners can afford to spend money on applications. On the other hand, a lot of budget Android smartphones are available on the market – they are bought by users who are limited to essential gadget functions and do not need paid programs.

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