Check Point Research: Discovered a Dangerous Flaw Within Whatsapp

Check Point Research: WhatsApp Beta privacy settings feature

Check Point Research has just discovered a new possible threat for all users of WhatsApp, known instant messaging application.

The new application vulnerability would allow some bad guys to manipulate WhatsApp chats made up of two or more people to spread false news.

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Check Point Research has discovered this flaw by analyzing the application and, in particular, the encryption phase. The flaw could affect over 1.5 billion users and represent a real threat.

Some hackers may be able to capture encrypted traffic within a group to pretend to be another person (who may not be a member of the previously mentioned group). The edited message and any responses would then be visible to chat members. Hackers, in this way, could spread wrong information, viruses or other pretending to be another person.

Taking advantage of the bug is not easy and requires a lot of knowledge. The Check Point Research team was able to test the problem and published a detailed report that explains its severity.

Source: Checkpoint

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