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Chromecast Ultra
Image Source : Cnet

During the Google Event, Google have announced a new Chromecast which is named as chromecast ultra, Which support the 4k video streaming. They have also mentioned that chromecast ultra is the most fastest chromecast device which is capable of loading videos 1.8x faster than the existing standard version of chromecast with the latest improved Wi-Fi conncetivity.

The device will also have a Ethernet port on its power adapter which can help user whose wifi is not capable of casting a 4k video. The design look similar to the existing chromecast with a addition ethernet port in its power adapeter.

The device is expected to hit the market during the month of november in US, and soon available in 15 more countries with a price tag of 69$.


Dimensions and weight          –  2.29 in L • 2.29 in H

Colour                                         –  Black

Resolution                                  –  Up to 4K Ultra HD

Wireless                                      –  802.11ac (2.4GHz/5Ghz) 1×2 SIMO Wi-Fi

Power                                          –  Power supply included

Ports and connectors               –  HDMI • Micro-USB • Ethernet

Supported operating systems –  Android • iOS • Mac • Windows

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