Google Clips: Capture the essence of your precious moments at a go.

Google Clips

The hopes of Google Clips. How it helps capture those rare moments that come across our lifetime. Sometimes rare moments comes to our presence and pass away without any shots to remember it.

Be it a fun of a lifetime, a pet you find with a marvelous character or your newborn you’d like to take moments with. Clips does it perfectly for you without the need for having a “designated photographer”

Google Clips give you full opportunity to capture these special moments while giving you a chance to be in it.

Google Clips Features

Its lightweight, hands-free camera that comes with cool machine learning capabilities. It works by looking for stable, clear shots of people you know and over time learns to recognize those people who matter to you.

Clips come with its own Android App or iOS (Google Clips app) and it syncs wirelessly immediately when you shot your clips. You can swipe to save or delete your clips, perform some edits or even save it as a high-resolution photo.

And a lot more. You have unlimited Google photos backup all for free!

Google Clips is coming soon to the U.S. for only $249. It works best with Pixel, and also works with Samsung S7/8 and on iPhone (6 and up). Happy Google Clip moments.

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