GOOGLE IO – Google Daydream standalone virtual reality headsets.

Google Daydream standalone

At Google, I/O developer conference, google confirm that it will be working on Google Daydream all-in-one virtual reality headsets.

Google will partner with tech companies like HTC, the maker of Vive VR headset as well as Lenovo.

According to the company, these Daydream all-in-one virtual reality headsets will be coming in late 2017.

Daydream all-in-one headset will have positioning tracking (called WorldSence) with its own built-in hardware which google is working with Qualcomm.

Google Daydream with WordSence

WorldSence has six degrees-of-freedom which allows users to move freely unlike platforms like Cardboard and Daydream which only allow users to look around from a fixed point.

As a fact, WordSence is a new technology that understands your movement in space without the need to set up any external sensors.

With Daydream standalone VR headsets, it gives you the ability to enjoy high-quality VR anywhere you want with no cables, phone or PC.

Then the question is; who will be the king of Android Standalone VR headset OS? As it seems, the race may be something called Built by Google.

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