Google Home: Introducing free calls with your Assistant.

Google Home Free calls

“Hey Google, call…” as you can ask your Assistant on your smartphone to make calls and so on, Google now introduces the same on your Google Home. Yes, you can make the same on Google Home—hands-free—in the U.S. and Canada for free.

To get started, say Hey Google, call…” and you’re ready to go. All your calls are made over your WI-FI connection.

As of now, Google says the recipient will see “Unknown” or “No Caller ID.”

Moreover, Google insisted that:

“By the end of the year, we’ll make it possible for your own mobile number to be displayed. “

Is Google Home ahead of Echo Speakers?

Has Google beaten Amazon on this? Echo speakers currently can talk to each other but not to phones. This is a great move for Google Home and it’s clear that the competition for market space is still not yet over (who’s gonna take the lead?). Google is ahead on this new feature but Amazon has other amazing features on its smart speakers.

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