Google Accused of Kicking off Competitor Aptoide

Google play vs Aptoide

The creators of the alternative Aptoide Android store accused Google of using its dominant position to eliminate competitors. It turned out that the search giant using Google Play Protect, designed to monitor the security of applications on Google Play, began to block access to Aptoide store, calling the program potentially dangerous.

Google play protect

Google Play Protect’s built-in security on Google Play Protect warns users that it is a potentially dangerous application and blocks its download. Aptoide CEO Paulo Tarentos said that their store is one of the safest on Android. He believes Google Play Protect warnings are an extremely aggressive way to eliminate competitors. Google has not yet commented on the situation.

Note that last year Google faced the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia about providing its search engine as standard on Android-devices. Also, all in the same year in 2017, the European Commission fined the search giant by 2.7 billion dollars to promote its service for comparing prices Google Shopping.

It is possible that the situation with Aptoide may also end for Google by litigation and fines.

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