Hackers Almost Killed a Child in a Tyumen Hospital

Hospital Hack attacker - Sberbank

Head of Sberbank of Russia German Gref said that the other day received a letter from the head of the Tyumen Federal Center for Neurosurgery Albert Sufianov, who asked for help in connection with the cyber attack on the center.

“He was doing a very complicated operation on the brain of a thirteen-year-old girl, and in the middle of this operation the clinical center was subjected to a cyber attack, and all the computer systems, all the devices that accompanied this operation, were turned off,” Gref said at the International Congress on Cybersecurity organized by Sberbank . According to the top manager, thanks to the proficiency of the professor, he and his colleagues managed to “bring this operation to completion with practically no instrument readings.”

“And he turned to Sberbank, and our specialists found out everything, within 24 hours they restored the system’s efficiency, put protection on computer systems,” Gref said. According to him, the hospital was attacked by hackers who demanded money.

“A certain group developed a virus called Purgen and began to blackmail healthcare institutions, they are not ashamed to prepare a special virus that will affect healthcare institutions,” the head of Sberbank said.

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