Tactical Dream Of The Logitech Craft keyboard’s giant button

Logitech Keyboard
Logitech Keyboard

The Logitech Craft Keyboard is a standard keyboard, but it has a unique feature. The keyboard has an oversized dial in the top left-hand corner. It is called the “creative input dial.” The primary purpose is to help humans rethink how the interaction goes with the computers.

This sensitive button could be used by turning it, clicking it or touching it lightly like a touchpad. The software to make this Logitech button operate is perfect. The charming property there is that it is infinitely scrolling, but each stop is a distinct, separate movement.

The #Logitech uses special software that has integrations for apps like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and the others(You can see that in the video below). It is an advantage for designers to correct things very quickly with the dial button. Developers could build extensions for the dial as well.

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