5g for Smartphones of 2019: New Qualcomm Modules Allow You to Make Thin 5g-smartphones

2019 is getting closer, and for the telecommunications world, it is an important deadline. In fact, next year the 5G network will begin to spread, and Qualcomm certainly does not want to be unprepared.

New Qualcomm modem

That’s why today the chip giant unveils two new modules for the Snapdragon X50: the wave antenna for Qualcomm QTM052 mmWave (for the most crowded areas) and the Qualcomm QPM56xx RF modules for the sub-6 GHz signals (for long range).

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Beyond the technicalities, it is an important announcement for the future of smartphones, tablets and the like.

“Today’s announcement for the first commercial 5G NR mmWave antenna solutions and sub-6 GHz RF modules for smartphones and other mobile devices is a milestone for the furniture industry. Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G investment has allowed us to bring in this industry a working mmWave solution, until now considered unattainable, as well as a fully integrated solution for RF sub-6 GHz. Now, this type of modem-antenna connection makes 5G networks and devices, especially smartphones, ready for large-scale commercialization. With 5G networks, users can expect gigabit speeds that are going to revolutionize the mobile experience. “

Among other things, Qualcomm tells us that these chips are already in the hands of the producers, so the ambition to 5G in 2019 (at least in reception) seems plausible.


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