Oculus VR Has Finally Brought A New Technology For Virtual Reality

Occulus VR launches this new game.
Occulus VR launches this new game.

Oculus_VR has plans for Marvel fans of virtual reality. They have finally concluded on launching their new game called Marvel Powers United VR. Yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, Oculus, which funded the game produced alongside developer Sanzaru Games, is announcing a retail bundle for $399 that will come with a free copy of the game, a Rift headset, and two Touch controllers. Marvel Powers United VR is slated to retail for $39.99.

The standard Oculus Rift headset costs about that much, so this is a reasonable way to get your hands on the product alongside a game that features a substantial range of Virtual Reality experiences. The full Marvel lineup featured in the game was also revealed, and it includes famous big names like Black Widow, Captain America, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Storm, and Wolverine.

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