OnePlus Spy : OnePlus’ OxygenOS-Based Devices Spying & Transmitting Collected Information Along With Your Smartphone’s Serial Number

OnePlus Spy

Dear OnePlus Spy… only if you could stop collecting personally identifiable analytics data from mobile owners.

The popular smartphone maker, OnePlus has been in trouble after a revelation that it has been collecting users’ data about how often they interact with the device.

According to the next web, the OnePlus’ OxygenOS-based devices collect data about when and how often you unlock your phone, what Wi-Fi networks you connect to, which apps you launch and use and other daily frequently task you use on your smartphone.

OnePlus spy – What’s the risk of this?

The trouble is that OnePlus spy is transmitting this collected information along with your smartphone’s serial number – which means that all these activities can easily be traced directly back to an individual user.

OnePlus spy was spotted by a software engineer named Christopher Moore, reveals the details on his blog post.

Since its leaked information, OnePlus has stated that it’s collecting this information to better understand and improve user experience as well as to ‘provide better after-sales support’.

But why didn’t the company do all these anonymously?

The OnePlus spy can be disabled by following this path: ‘Settings – Advanced – Join user experience program’. Or by removing the OnePlus Device Manager using ADB tool according to Android Police. This is a key app which collects and transmits the data to OnePlus’ servers. However, the performance of your device could get affected by it.

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