Samsung Galaxy S9 AR Emoji: How it works

Samsung Galaxy S9 AR Emoji: How it works

Recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched with the AR Emoji (Augmented Reality); animated emotions that mimic your facial expressions. Though the camera is not as sensitive to depth as Apple iPhone X, this did not stop the company from introducing animated emotions.

Galaxy S9 uses the technology of the onboard scanning surface, offering animated emotions that correspond to the movements of the user’s face so that you can send animated messages, sing karaoke, etc. But, like Samsung, this will not happen, the phone takes an extra step by displaying more than 100 points on the user’s face and creating a 3D avatar.

To create an emoji, the device uses a two-dimensional photo. This is, in fact, a photograph of the passport, in which you are looking directly at the camera and smiling slightly. You can take this photo using either the front or back lenses. Then S9 analyzes 100 points in this 2D photo to create a 3D model for you.

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