Samsung Galaxy X Battery Will Amaze You(Photo)

The new Samsung Galaxy X which is the foldable Smartphone

Today we return to talk about Samsung Galaxy X, fueling the controversial affair that has seen him protagonist for more than a year between false hopes and subsequent denials. According to the latest information leaked on the net, the folding device of Samsung could see the light at the next MWC, and today’s news, concerning the battery of the device, is in line with this promise.

samsung galaxy x flexible battery

What we see in the image shown in the gallery are just the batteries that would be reserved for the next Samsung Galaxy X: as you can see it is flexible batteries, adaptable to the device’s folding. They would not only be reserved for Samsung’s coveted smartphone but also for other products from other companies. The capacity of these batteries would be between 3,000 and 6,000 mAh.

Certainly, we do not have the certainty that Galaxy X will integrate these batteries and be presented soon, but we do not see a more logical explanation about the production of this type of batteries by Samsung. We will return to update you as soon as more details about the affair emerge.

Source: Sammobile

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