Send Money to PayPal via Skype on Android & iOS


Microsoft has teamed up with PayPal in order to allow Skype users send money via PayPal right from their conversations.

This ability comes after Microsoft completely redesign Skype with the Snapchat-like feature that seems to appeal o the Millenial users.

As of its launch, sending money via PayPal is available in 22 countries and it requires a bit of setup in order to use this feature. But it’s not that complicated. You first have to update to the latest version of Skype.

Skype explains that the first time you send money, you’ll be prompted to confirm your location. Once the app confirms the feature is available in your location, it will ask you to link your PayPal account to your Skype profile, yes, and at that point, PayPal will take over and handle the transfer process.


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