Tesla Solar Cell – The next generation of electricity

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announce a new idea of implementation of the solar roof for every house which could save a huge amount of electricity bill.

The general idea implemented by Tesla is as shown in the below video

The idea from him suggested that the solar energy emitted by the sun can be directly collected using the roof of every house which is being build with a special roof tiles in-built with a solar cell inside it which was specially created by Tesla.

The design of the tiles are being made in such a way that the solar cells are not visible from the street view and can be only viewed from the top of the house ,which gives a normal look to the house with the selected tile which is being given to choose.The look of the solar cells from the street view and the sun view are like the following

The tiles texture is planned to come in four color such as Tuscan Glass Tile,Slate Glass Tile,Textured Glass Tile and Smooth Glass Tile.

The in depth detailed image of the tile is as shown below

tile-in-depthThe solar cell is being covered with a Color Louver Film and they are being protected from the damage using a tampered glass on top of it.

We can expect this idea from Tesla soon in the market by the end of Nov 2017.


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