5G: Vodafone Offers Leads the Way to Those of Tre, Wind, Vodafone

The fifth generation network will soon be available and consumers will finally have a much more powerful and faster network than the fourth generation network ; the telephone companies that are currently working on its realization are Tim , Vodafone and Wind Tre who have joined together in a single company to work at their best.

Each of them, quivers to launch the first phone offer with 5G network included and be the first in the telephone market; however, the consumer will be able to choose whether to activate 5G or stay with a 4G mobile connection . The advantages that the future network will bring to the market are innumerable but according to many websites, its costs will be too excessive for a specific reason: the telephone companies Tim , Wind Tre and Vodafone have spent very significant costs for its realization and in some way they have to come back with the costs spent.

However, nothing is still official because they are just corridor rumors; according to these rumors, telephone rates will not be lower than 30.00 / 40.00 / 50.00 euros per month. Let’s find out some more details.

Telephone rates with 5G network: this is what the telephone operators Tim, Wind, Vodafone

Among the telephone operators Tim , Wind Tre and Vodafone we managed to get an indiscretion only from a telephone company: Vodafone; apparently, the well-known red telephone company has renewed its Vodafone RED Unlimited telephone rates a few weeks ago.

Vodafone has let us know, that he always thinks of his loyal customers and all consumers who will activate one of the Vodafone RED Unlimited rates will not have to worry about looking for a new rate when 5G is available; the reason? Well, apparently these rates are eligible for 5G and consequently, they will be activated automatically as soon as the network goes on sale.

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