Confirmed: Two New Android One Coming from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi A1 - Android One

XDA-Developers has published some information on not one but two Xiaomi-branded Android One smartphones, which should see the light of day in the near future. The above is based on the firmware obtained by @FunkyHuawei  and shared exclusively with XDA, examined in particular by the user franztesca, who has found some interesting clues within them.

It’s been some time that we talk about a possible Mi A2, based on the  Mi 6X announced last week. Although we can not yet confirm the name, there are several similarities between the latter and the Android One mentioned by XDA. Called  jasmine_sprout  (the code name of Mi A1 is tissot_sprout), this smartphone indeed boasts the same processor and front camera  of Mi 6X (but there are also other references to EXIF in general) and is quite clearly an Android One, because in its firmware there is no trace of MIUI, it has been partitioned to support seamless update , and last but not least, sprout it’s a typical suffix of Android One devices.
Two clues will not do a test, but if SoC and cameras are the same as Mi 6X, there is a good chance that the rest of the hardware is similar, also because it is these two components that determine most of the experience of using the final.

But XDA has found clues also on a second Android smartphone, called this time daisy_sprout. It is a model based on the same Snapdragon 625 already seen in Mi A1, and will, therefore, be the low-end option between the two new Android One of the company. This leads us to think that it could be part of the Redmi family, as the CEO of Xiaomi had recently suggested, and it could probably be Redmi 2S, which happens to be the same SoC.

More precise details are not there, but good or bad as reported by XDA aligns with the most recent rumors, thus corroborating each other. Regarding the launch date, however, we have no precise clues, and considering that Redmi 2S has not yet been announced, it will probably arrive first the latter and then the Android One counterparts.

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